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Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity


Data retention and compliance

On demand, non-disruptive testing

Flexibility to fit most virtual environments

Data retention and compliance

Off-site redundancy

Simplified backup and recovery management

Platform tiers for consistent performance experience

Quick, easy restoration of database and applications


Business Continuity

Insurance covers losses

Yes, insurance does cover losses but excludes events such as death, federal violations, and loss of reputation. In some instances, business owners incorporate public liability insurance within their contingency plans for added security. It proves to be useful when a company handles clients and customers, having a business continuity plan can help a business owner mitigate those risks.

We know what to do in an emergency

Realistically, an outline of an emergency response plan is helpful, yet it won’t provide you with much guidance on what to do when your building has been affected by a tornado or flooding.

When an emergency strikes, emotions are running high. At that moment, it’s difficult to help everyone stay calm. A pre-defined plan can assist in handling an emergency situation in a calm and collected manner.

I don’t have time to develop a BC plan

Creating a business continuity plan is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. However, it’s worth the time, money, and effort put into it. Backed by 30 years’ experience, Agility Recovery helps protect companies from an unexpected and extends a hand to those that are in need.

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