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Included Security Audits

Everyone receives an industry-specific security audit when they sign up with ZuntaTech. Every business should have a level of security or compliance suitable for their industry that does not encroach upon employee day-to-day operations. ZuntaTech considers employee data access permissions, services where MFA or 2FA should be implemented, backup and disaster recovery schemes, as well as partial and full compliance practices. Options will be provided and as your security consultant, ZuntaTech will advise on all options.

Protect your enterprise with integrated cyber security solutions

Get peace of mind with personalized security strategies that cover every part of your IT.

Protect your corporate devices with premier antivirus, firewall, and threat detection solutions.

Mitigate security risks by leveraging our strategy for deploying patches and upgrading systems.

Receive 24/7 monitoring to ensure early cyber attack detection.

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